Link :: 01.08.2009 :: 20:34

Ja i Magda na zapleczu starej Hacjendy w Szczyrku, jakies 100 lat temu! Wszystkiego najlepszego w dniu urodzin!!!

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Tosh Meets Marley
Link :: 04.08.2009 :: 18:06

Truckee n' Marley


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The Wailers
Link :: 06.08.2009 :: 19:23

@ MontBleu


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Droppin' - Teaser
Link :: 11.08.2009 :: 18:07

Droppin' - Tahoe, zima 09 - First Track Productions


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Link :: 13.08.2009 :: 19:54

gdzies pomiedzy Santa Cruz a Half Moon Bay


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Link :: 15.08.2009 :: 20:31

Tadziu i jego nowe, czarne limo.


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Link :: 18.08.2009 :: 18:27

byl sobie kot


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Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard Tour 2009
Link :: 20.08.2009 :: 00:33

Reno 8/16/09 Finalowy przystanek cyklu imprez Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard Tour. Rusty Malinowski odjechal tego dnia pierwsze ustane 1080 na zawodach.


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another day
Link :: 22.08.2009 :: 00:32

nasz wake mobile

po obejrzeniu "Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard Tour" wprowadzilismy troche innowacji



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Link :: 24.08.2009 :: 17:24

with Tara


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edgewood sunset session
Link :: 26.08.2009 :: 01:28

Eric, Tara, Buddy and lil Jade






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"Joanna Takes 4th At New Zealand Open"
Link :: 27.08.2009 :: 20:18

Hey Hey Hey!!!

So, the New Zealand Open just finished up this weekend… the slope-style course was super fun!!! I started off in Women’s slope qualifiers on Wednesday, but after our first runs they closed the course due to 0 visibility and rescheduled it to Friday before Semi’s & Finals. After both runs, I took 2nd in qualifiers and went on to Semi’s…

Women’s Semi’s was good, after our runs I placed 7th which got me into finals… Soooo exciting!!! Weather held out pretty good for the majority of the day,but did get a little windy for the finals… Luckily, I landed my first run clean – my legs couldn’t hold me for the next two runs lol… I literally snowboarded that day from 8 – 4, with a 2 hour break for lunch when guys took their runs. Pretty beat afterwards… but I was super excited to hear I got 4th place. Here are the results for the top 6.

Slopestyle Final Women
1 Jamie Anderson USA
2 Janna Weatherby USA
3 Shelly Gotlieb NZL
4 Joanna Dzierzawski USA
5 Silvia Mittermueller GER
6 Hana Beaman USA

Unfortunately, I’m leaving NZ this week but can’t wait to come back next season… =). It was an awesome experience and a huge boost of confidence for this upcoming winter! … For now, back to relaxing in the sun and enjoying the rest of summer!



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Hyperlite - Rewritten - Trailer
Link :: 27.08.2009 :: 20:30

Wlasnie obejrzalem "Rewritten" w calosci i jestem pod duzym wrazeniem!


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